Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Live Positively Daily

Live Positively daily utilizing customer service.  Having just returned from a conference and listening to a presentation on customer service I wanted to share my thoughts.  We have all gone to a store, restaurant, or made one of those dreaded calls where you hit more numbers than talk to a human being, and I am sure there are memories of a time that you had horrible customer service.  I am also hoping that there were times you had exceptional customer service.  This training started out with the presenter stating “I am so glad you are here” That at the first might not stick in the memory by but the end of the presentation it made complete sense.  The focus was learning to live positively every day and to always put your smile on and be thankful that you have customers.  Here are some of the topics the presenter went over.

  1. Live positively.  The presenter discussed how the mindset and the way we think has a lot to do with either being positive or negative.  Positive thinkers will look to the future, find possible snags in life and be able to handle them. The presenter discussed having lost his son 4 years ago around Christmas and how the family tradition of cutting the Christmas tree had been interrupted.  His positive thinking kicked in and instead of sitting in grief and anger he decided along with his family to celebrate the years he was able to have with his son.  See, his point was we are never guaranteed another day.  If a person keeps one foot in the past, and tries to get one into the future surely they will split themselves in half.
  2. Celebrate who you are.  This notion was really interesting because not many people are o.k. with who they are, how they look, or what skills they have.  You are the only you, and that should be celebrated.  If you are an optimist then enjoy your optimism, if you are a pessimist, then revel in your pessimism, If you are a realist, then be real.  No matter how you look, how much you weigh, what you drive, or where you live celebrate who you are, be who you are and love who you are.
  3. Giving the best customer service starts with you.  This part was interesting because when customers call or come in, even when they are angry you can begin to connect with them and let them know they are important.  The presenter discussed that when he receives a call he will actually give them a time period for the answer. In Example the presenter discussed that he received a call from a customer, the customer needed some information, the presenter discussed that it would take 30 seconds to walk over, grab the chart and provide the information.  The presenter went to the filing cabinet, opened the drawer and not being the best file clerk was hearing the 30 seconds tick by.  The presenter knew it would take 8 seconds to return to the desk, so he called to a co-worker asked them to pick up line 2 and explain that he is not the best file clerk, he has the chart, but would be an additional 10 seconds to be at his desk.  The person on the line started laughing and agreed to another short hold time.  The presenter returns to the desk, picks up line 2 and the individual is still laughing because of the picture in her head about the antics in the room.
  4. Verbal Vs. Non Verbal communication.  Do you realize how much information you present to a person even when you do not know they are looking?  70% of our communication happens without saying a word, 10% is what we are saying, and the other 20% comes from the tone we use to say it.  Have you ever been frustrated at work, dreading that next phone call?  How do you answer the phone, see people can tell your emotional state without even seeing you, if you are frustrated at work, then take another call frustrated, do you not think that you will sound frustrated to the caller and their customer service has gone out the window.
  5. Can you listen to the silence?  That was an interesting question to be presented.  What kind of listener are you? People Oriented, Action Oriented, Content Oriented, or Time Oriented?  There are many tests on the internet that will tell you how you listen to people, I suggest finding one and seeing where you fit in.  Listening to the silence is about clearing your thoughts just to focus on the other person because many people are already plotting their next reply that they miss the true meaning of what the other person is saying.
  6. I am the enhancer of employee’s personal passion for their job.  This was the one branding piece I developed for myself.  I think that no matter what the day starts like, it does not have to end the same way.  If you smile on the phone that comes across, if you frown on the phone that also comes across.  Motivation on the job means you have one and want to keep it.

Rising to be the best at what you do means including who you are and gaining strength and perspective from others around you.  To be the best at something you have to know who you are and what the best looks like.  Take time daily to live positively in a negative world.


Staffing Supplier said...

Even the word impossible says I'M possible, Believe in yourself.

Chris said...

I could not agree more with you. Thanks for the comment