Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Other Duties as Assigned

Handling changes on the job can be a stressful and scary event.  I had my position change within the last month and it has thrown me for a small loop.  I normally work training ex-offenders in life skills, reintegration skills and employment skills, well about a month ago the grant I worked in ended and while waiting for the next one I was moved into a position that I was not trained for and had no idea what I was doing.  I was grateful to remain employed but had to learn to roll with the change.  My organizational skills jumped into play and off I went.  Getting all the paperwork caught up that had been neglected, meeting with the disabled clients and putting out fires.  This change took me away from my training classes and made it hard for me to cope.

Once I got beyond the stress of the change, got myself organized and continued to work with my Job Coach, I found some inner peace with the change.  I do know that this change is not forever since we were given an extension on the grant and another one in October so I will be going back to the training mode only in October.  From July to October I will still be doing both programs.  I am hoping that I am doing this program like they want but I am doing it to the best of my ability.

How do you handle job changes?  How do you handle new responsibilities?  Do you roll with them or do you curl up in a frustrated ball?  I have worked with many individuals who do not like or accept change very well, now there are times that I myself do not handle change well, but it takes people who can be around to help support you through it.  I have found when a manager gives you more responsibility or changes your position it is because they feel you can handle the change and do the job.  It is so important to know how you handle job changes because that one part of the job description that says “perform other duties as assigned” can come back and bite you if you are not careful. 

I find that it is important to build a career development plan to make sure you succeed in the job.  Knowing what you want to do and following that passion is the best thing for you to do.  Now there is no perfect job out there, each place will have its own quirks and problems.  You might find the best fit to your needs but remember when you accept the job it can change.  Learning to handle change is a great way to succeed in you job or your life.

Great You Graduated!!!!! NOW WHAT??????????

With the new graduates hitting the pavement searching for jobs there are some helpful tips that will help the bright eyed graduates to stay motivated.  Many job coaches and parents are trying to provide information on how the graduate can become employed or the steps for them to gain employment.  One question ringing from the mouths of the graduates is “Why would they hire me, just out of college, and I have little to no experience.  Here are some suggestions on how you can secure a job.

1.        Networking is the best way to secure employment.  Like it has been said “It is not what you know, but who you know”.  This is very true in today’s society.  I am not just speaking about sitting at home on Twitter, Facebook or other sites, but making sure that you network with your friends who are working, go to job fairs, and join local groups to network with others.  Yes, you can network and find jobs on Twitter and Facebook but often times those sites can harm your chances as well as help them.  Plus most of the job sites on Twitter or Facebook use the conventional job sites to seek employees.  Sites like Careerbuilder, Indeed, Simply Hired and your local area job boards.  Remember if you still have those pictures of you doing crazy things at college on your Facebook, they need to come off and so should all the Tagged photos.
2.        Every school has a career development center that has some positions in the community posted.  It is always a great idea to check with the schools career center to get a great resume, cover letter, and practice interviewing.  It is up to you when and how you want to develop your career.  You spent a lot of money to obtain that degree, now finding that job or career is most important.
3.        Beating the pavement early instead of later is most important.  I realize that summer is here and you might feel that you want to hang out by the pool or go places with your friends, but now is the time to find that job.  You should be up and ready to hit the pavement by 8 AM, having your places already picked out where you want to walk in and apply, or to the local Office of employment and training to search for jobs.  If your job search plan is to start in the afternoon, you might as well go back to bed because you will not find a job starting that late.  Remember you might be staying with your parents for the summer, but they gave you wings now get out there and fly.

Remember that each of us is a job of one, and that each decision we make can either bring success or lack of success.  Finding a job is truly a full time job and with so many people in the world looking for work, that makes the job pool even smaller.  Using recruiters, temp agencies, and the foot on pavement selection can help you become employed.  It is up to you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apologies to all readers

After a month of being out of touch, The reentry program is back up and running so back to the employment articles.  My job changed for a few weeks and it took all my time so I will be back up and writing soon.