Thursday, February 9, 2012

How committed are you to your job search?

Commitment to the job search 2012!  There have been many articles on job search written just after the ball dropped beginning the New Year.  There is a lot of useful information out there but how does one know which information is most important to listen to.  This question is a lot like the same questions that will come up in November.  You know the one, “who will make the best candidate for President”?  I have read a lot of articles on things like “If you want a job then find the job”, or “Only you can prevent unemployment” but really the issues that needs to be addressed is tougher than just saying go get it, it is how does one stay committed to the job search in a time where many say it is nearly impossible to find work.  That is where Commitment to job search 2012 is a must.  Staying motivated and committed to a job search can be a difficult thing to do, but not impossible.  Here are a few things that you can do to stay on the job search:

1.      1. Finding a mentor is a great way to learn about the recent changes to the employment field of your choice.  Mentors can be not only a great source of information, but someone who has the inside scoop on the career spectrum.  Finding a mentor who has lived the job search life and understands the frustrations that go along with it can be a tremendous help when the motivation begins to wane.
2.      2.  Giving your job search more commitment than you do your New Year’s resolution will do wonders for you and your job search.  It amazes me when people make New Year’s resolutions and a month or so later they have stopped going to the gym, or has returned to the solitude of the couch instead of “meeting new people”.  Why does this happen you ask? Well it is simple, people lose the motivation to keep going, and they do not have the Gym buddy or even the Job buddy who will keep them accountable, so they do not maintain the resolution.
3.      3.  Commitment is much different than committed when it comes to job searching.  There is a lot of stress that goes on in a job search, and looking for a job, being a full time job can bring that on even more.  Make sure that you have outlets and people to relax with after job search hours, so that you do not end up committed or feeling like you are going crazy.  Working 40 hours a week to find a job should be like 40 hours working in a job.  Make time for life outside of work and work related issues.
4.      4.  Remembering daily that life will turn around and you will find employment will help keep you motivated.  I suggest that people think of their job search like they do their favorite food or family member.  There are those times that we will go to any means to get our favorite food, so why not go to any and every means to secure ourselves a job?  If you wait around for the job or employment opportunity to fall into your lap, you will have a very empty lap.  Finding that motivator that will keep you in the action phase, will help you wake up every day ready and willing to seek out that employment and not just sit on the couch and watch Maury.

Just remember that in life we either have commitments that we follow up with or commitments that we run and hide from.  Having a commitment to the job search is more about having a commitment to yourself and your life.  The more you keep focused and look at every success that you have daily, will help you stay on the road to commitment to the job search 2012.