Monday, May 9, 2011

Importance of Self Care

Over the years many people have always discussed self care especially when it comes to employment. Think about where or who you learned your work ethic from. Maybe you had a parent that was a “Type A Personality”.  The one who rarely if at all missed work, the one who might not take time off just for a mental health day, Maybe the one who would go to work sick.  In the past employees were more dedicated to their employers due to employers being more dedicated to their employees.  There is a going trend in the world of employment today that an employer does not have to be dedicated to their employees because there is always someone else in the world that will take a position.  I personally find it hard to miss work, but just a week ago I had to take a day off due to a fever.  I had to learn that self care is important and did not look bad on the employee who needed to take a day off as to not get others at work sick.  There are some very important concepts to look over in your own life to make sure you succeed on the job.

  1. Stress management is the number one area to look over.  Are you always at work, thinking about work, planning the next day at work in your mind even when you are at home?  These are some unhealthy attributes for an individual to have.  There needs to be a separation of work and personal life.  The personal life is a way for an individual to deal with the stress at work by taking a walk, playing with their children, or just catching up on a favorite television show.  Work will still be there in the morning.
  2. Physical health can begin to become effected by to much stress.  Constantly individuals will rush to get to work, rush through their lunch, if they eat at all, or run through a drive through and eat their lunch at their desk while working through lunch.  Allergy season is upon us and often times if you do not take care of your physical health those sniffles can turn into something more like an upper respiratory infection.  The body has a way of letting you know that you are stressing it to much, individuals just need to learn to listen to their bodies.
  3. Stress and sickness have a way of coming from being mentally exhausted due to many long hours, numerous meetings that take up hours a day, or from not sleeping well at night. Do you toss and turn running your calendar through your mind, stressing about this deadline or this important meeting.  When is the last time you took a mental health day as a day off?  A Day where you planned nothing and did something fun.  Maybe you did something with your spouse or children, you know them right? Maybe you worked in the garden. 
  4. What activities do you do at work to help yourself provide self care?  Do you walk away from your desk from time to time just to change the scenery?  Do you have a co-worker that you can chat with just to break the monotony?   Often times all it takes is a short breather to provide you with positive energy.  Take time daily to do some self care and you will be a better employee and your company will be better for it also.

Self care comes in many different packages and in many different ways. Look to see what works for you, strive to find that inner Zen with your job and life and most of all take time out of your day for you, because with out you in your day, you might lose the focus of your enjoyment at your place of employment.

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