Monday, December 13, 2010

5 Steps to get Santa to bring you a job during the Holidays

Holiday Job hunting can be a task that some individuals think should not happen. There are 5 tremendous and necessary things to remember while in the holiday season that can help you with employment. Many individuals will tell you that hiring is low during the holidays, or that employers already have their employees for the season. This is not necessarily true. Take these 5 things to heart and you might be pleasantly surprised with an offer by the new year.
  1. Holidays mean parties. Work parties, networking parties and a time to get out and meet people parties. Just because the holiday season is upon us does not mean the job search should stop. Going to events with a friend or spouse will open the doors to new faces and maybe new employment opportunities. Just remember that during these work functions either your work function or a close friends to not hit the open bar and get intoxicated. Remember these individuals are either co-workers or co-workers of someone you know.
  2. Employers had a tendency to look at the road ahead. They may have almost enough staff but if it is a place that hires college students for the season, they will lose that employee after the season and they return to school. Take the time to network with those individuals even if it is a coffee house. Grab a cup and let the networking light shine.
  3. Family gatherings are another great place to find out about opportunities. Remember your family knows the most about you and what you can do. Many people want to keep their pride when at a family gathering and not talk about being between jobs (unemployed). Remember your family pretty much already knows and are there to support you. So when you are asked how the hunt is going, do not try and quickly change the subject but use that opportunity to engage them with any possibilities they might know.
  4. Job sites are being updated daily with new positions and just because it is the holidays does not mean that you cannot score an interview. Make sure you spend the same amount of work hours looking through job sites, networking on LinkedIn, Twitter and even Face book as long as you have a professional Facebook, not a personal one with all the games. Employers do take some days off, but that does not mean on December 26th when they return to the office that they cannot see your resume in response to their ad.
  5. Putting your face in front of a prospective employer is always a good thing. If you find a place you want to work, make sure you go in, find out the slow times of the day, return at the slow time and ask to sit down with the manager, or even just ask to schedule an appointment to speak with them at their convenience. Never try to talk with a hiring manager when it is the busiest time of the day, which will throw their day off.

Taking the time to keep looking for employment over the holidays will show initiative, drive and the go getter attitude that many places look for. If you stop looking over the holidays you might be sabotaging your self and missing out on some great opportunities. The holiday brings out the spirit of giving, so when an employer sees what you can give them it might make it where you get something in return. The elves are not taking a break from working and neither should you. If anything now is the time to hit the search even harder.

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