Friday, July 9, 2010

7 Rules to ease the job search woes!!!

Job search woes happen to everyone from one time to another. It is the inevitable dread that one feels when either looking for a job while employed or looking for a job due to being unemployed. The fear and frustration sometimes will set in and then the productivity of the search is compromised. The number one rule is to not have this happen. Do not let it get you down! There are several things to do that can help keep this from happening.

First: Make sure you communicate with those who are supportive. Often times when an individual is dealing with their own stress and fear they produce “tunnel” thinking. That is where they tend to live in their heads and worry. Having a loved one, church, support group or close friend can help make all the difference in ones ability to cope with the search.

Second: Make sure you have a plan set. The way to prevent more added stress and worry is to sit down and come up with a goal list which can be checked off as these minor or major success are completed. Having a plan and even a back up plan can make a world of difference when it comes to figuring out the next steps to the search.

Third: Sit down at the computer and make the first day just finding all the job sites you will be searching for jobs on, and have them bookmarked or written down. Then take a step back and do nothing else for that day but gather your thoughts and brainstorm with those close to you.

Fourth: Ask around to find out any and all networking events or groups that might be happening. Being around others, even those who are experiencing the same dilemma can make the support well received. Now do not get around the angry, “this is not fair” and it was their fault people. That will only drive the negative thoughts deeper into your mind. Only seek out supportive and motivated people.

Fifth: Remember this one mantra, it will get better, nothing but death is permanent. Knowing that you are having a setback take time to realize it is only temporary. Most of the time, we jump into fear mode and have to fix it right then and there. That is not helpful if you do not get yourself in the right frame of mind and that could take 2 days or more. Every positive step you take will only increase the chances of the new job, and lessen the strength of the worry.

Sixth: Take time to make sure everything is completely prepared. Have the Resume nice, neat, up to date, and ready to go. Make sure you have a cover letter that you can change at a moment’s notice to fit the job that you are applying.

Seventh: Make sure you have a little fun during this time. Laughter and friends help center you and prepare you for the upcoming hunt.

Having rules for your upcoming hunt, some fun and a lot of support on top of a plan will help make the transition to a new job or the transition out of unemployment so much easier.

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