Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love the job you're in, or at least like it more

If you can’t be in the job you love, love the job you’re in. Why does this sound like an old song? Maybe it is due to the song being on the radio.  What happens to an individual when they start a job then months down the road they become tired of the job or even begin to hate it.

  1. Make sure to stay out of the drama at work. Drama comes in many forms, it could be that one coworker who always complains, it could be from having a boss that never seems to be happy or even from the coworkers who sit and discuss the pay check. Individuals can become unhappy with a job for many reasons, but in most jobs it is against policy and procedure to discuss what people make on the job. Having negative people around can bring drama even guilt by association so make sure you are above the norm and not jump in with the complainers.
  2. One way to find that happiness is to remember the excitement when you got the offer, and remember what it was like to not have a job. Often people forget the day they were offered the job, the excitement of someone wanting their skills to add to their company. That first thought of “I am appreciated”.  One trick to use is to make sure you remember maybe a worse job or a time when you did not have a job and the excitement you felt gaining this job.
  3. Another strategy is to set an invisible time clock outside the door at work and clock in work and clock out life. Allowing outside distractions and issues can also get in the way of one being happy at work.  There have been many studies that show when work and personal life collide there are always problems. Remember life will be there when you are off work, and work will be there tomorrow (hopefully). Seeing as J.T. O’Donnell from has the best way of describing a way to be happy on the job, by using the catch phrase “We are a job of one” I believe I got that right, but the realty is our attitude can have a major part in our happiness.
  4. Checking the attitude at the door can help immensely when trying to stay happy in a job you do not necessarily love. Jobs, you can love them, but not like them, or like them and not love them.   How we see the job is the most important thing to remember. Our behavior when it comes to a job will tell the story. If you do not like the job it will show, if you once liked or loved the job and now you don’t it will show. Humans have a tendency to turn 4 when they do not like something and they act out. If we let someone convince us that there is an injustice at work we can begin to resent the job.
  5. Learning something new will help the job seem new and exciting. If you are a person who does not like routine on the job and get bored easily, then show some initiative and ask to learn a new job related skill, work on a new project, something to sharpen those skills. Remember if you are bored at work, YOU are bored at work, not that work is boring. Learning happens in daily interactions, new job skills, and even talking with coworkers.
  6. Gratitude is much different than attitude. Try being grateful for the position you have, even if you think it is below you because there are was 6.2 million individuals who have been without a job for 27 weeks or more(according to the latest statistics) who would love to have your job.  Being grateful for what you have is important in all aspects of life because it can be taken away at any moment.  Jobs can come and go, so be grateful for what you have.
  7. Learning from workaholics can teach you some good skills. When the time clock is punched at work do not take work home with you, do not check work email at home, remember that any fire that comes up can be handled tomorrow. Making sure you take time to have a life outside of your job is very important. Even if you own your own business you have to close shop every so often to recharge your cells.


Noel said...

Great tips! I especially like the advice to be grateful. That's important at work and in life.

Chris said...

Thank you for the comment, You are so right being grateful is a must if we do not want to take things for granted.