Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overcoming barriers to have success

Searching for a job is a job within itself. It takes long hours and a lot of patience. People often feel that they are not getting the results they want. They feel more like a failure than a success. I find that success is more about overcoming the barriers that get in our way more so than just having the success handed to us.  I often discuss that if jobs were handed to us like our first car they would be wrecked in no time.  Think about that first car you had, was it given to you, or did you work for it?  If it was given to you what were the chances that you would keep it clean, oil in the engine and not being driven into a ditch.  If you worked long and hard to find that car then you washed it, kept it up, and treated it like new for a long time.

Jobs are a lot like our cars, they help motivate us in many ways. They help us by the things we need, and afford the things we want. So what happens when that job is not there? We have to begin making sure that we work harder to find that job. I hear a question all the time. “How can I stay motivated and find the barriers that are preventing me from getting a job”?

There are several barriers that can get in the way of gaining the “dream” Job we want.

  1. Having a criminal record can be a barrier. It is not one that cannot be overcome, but it will take more time to find the right employer to give you a second chance.  They do exist and do believe in equal opportunity employment.
  2. Pride is one of the biggest barriers in employment we can run into. If you have been unemployed for longer than 6 months to a year, I would have to ask why? Pride becomes our own worst enemy. I know the answers I get mostly. “ I am to good to work” in fast food, customer service, in an entry level job, etc. It might not be the job you want right now, but it might be the job you need to work your way up in the company.
  3. Having gaps in employment or no work history at all can hold you back. I know there are millions of graduates from colleges and universities who have a degree and no experience. The question I get a lot is “Where are the jobs for us”? The answer they are out there but you have to get into the right networking area. It is about who you know, because they know someone else. Gaps in employment might lead an employer to think that you are lazy. I always suggest that if there is a place you want to work and just cannot get employed with, then volunteer. Having volunteer experience looks great on a resume, and might even lead to employment.
  4. Not having the education or training to do the “dream” job or job you want can hold you back. There are multiple ways to gain the training. Numerous accredited schools offer classes online, at night or on a flex schedule so the students can still attend and gain the education. Funding is available in the way of loans or scholarships, and even funds for the non-traditional student (who I think is anyone over the age of 25, but that is my thought).
 These are just 4 out of many, many barriers that we can run into when facing the job market, the economy, or ourselves. Remember to overcome the barriers we have to be ready to jump a few hurdles.

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